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Process of Therapy

Reflections Counselling and Psychotherapy Services aims to help you to re-discover, restore, and/or enhance your quality of life. Through talk therapy, you and the mental health professional actively work together to: a) Explore a problem (e.g. a concern, difficulty, struggle, worry, or dilemma) in your life; b) understand the problem; and c) implement action (implement strategies that help you to solve or best cope with the problem). Throughout this therapeutic process, many clients gain insight into their thoughts, behaviors, and/or emotions. This insight can lead to growth and a life of better quality. A life of better quality is defined by you and often involves less distress.

Distress reduction, growth, wellness, happiness, living a meaningful and purposeful life, and/or increasing your quality of life are all possible outcomes of counselling and psychotherapy. The outcome and the process of counselling and psychotherapy itself depend on many factors (such as the severity of the problem, the active involvement of the client, internal and external factors, and the strength of the professional rapport between client and therapist). Because each person is unique, with his/her own experiences in life and his/her own genetic makeup, the length of counselling and psychotherapy required for any one person cannot be determined. However, it is important to note that most long-term counselling problems require twelve sessions to work through or more.

The process of psychotherapy is not necessarily linear and sometimes a person may revisit a part of the process. Also, while therapy may be rewarding, it may also be hard work. Sometimes what you learn in the process of therapy can be initially difficult before you start to feel better and before there is acceptance, growth, and/or a life of better quality. In the end, many clients find the process of therapy to be a rewarding and an invaluable experience. Many feel heard and develop an awareness and understanding of their problem that enables them to better move forward in life.

Counselling and psychotherapy is indeed a commitment and an investment in one’s self. Will you take these next steps in this opportunity for personal growth?

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